The Vesta Information Technology Company was founded in 2007 with the prospect of improving the level of happiness and human well-being.
In line with the vision and relying on the founders' experience, Vesta chose IT as the focus of software design and production.

 A decade of experience in the design and production of software, participation in the implementation of software solutions and the provision of cloud-based services to corporate, industrial, academic, private and corporate customers.
Has earned a valuable experience for Vesta.

By using our experienced experience and the ability of our highly-motivated, committed engineer, we have succeeded in successfully achieving the goals of the company and presenting ourselves as one of the leading companies in our field of activities, and delivering products and services tailored to meet the needs. We provide the customer.

We look forward to a bright future of the company and take steps in this direction.

Vesta considers the following fundamental values as a framework for demonstrating commitment, responsibility for customer concerns.

Promoting the brand of Iran in the world

With the production of innovative products, we are looking to promote the brand of Iran in the world.

Adherence to social responsibility and ethical principles

We are committed to respecting ethics in work and adhering to the principles that lead the society to progress and prosperity.

Customer Responsibility through Responsibility

Our client is our partner, we take responsibility for the care of our partner by cooperating with him.

Permanent Commitment to Innovating

We are committed to innovating our products and services in Vesta. Using the innovations, we will answer the questions.

Benefit from world-class technologies in partnership with expert people

Technology is for the welfare of humanity, we are working with experts in Vesta to seek out technology for greater prosperity.

Vesta Certificates and Certificates

Established from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade

Operating licenses of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade

Certificate of Ranking of the Supreme Informatics Council

Industrial foundation knowledge

Membership in the computer system organization of the country

Some Vesta customers

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