E-learning implementation has advantages such as quantitative and qualitative increase in education, the removal of the physical location of training for geographic dispersal, training at any time, and any place, but for the implementation of that, the managers have the following concerns.

Lack of hardware and software infrastructure to launch e-learning

Lack of electronic content for holding training courses

Absence of sufficient and expert manpower to manage, hold and support training courses

Absence of trained and familiar e-learning lecturers to oversee training courses

The mother of the e-learning training company, providing a variety of services, addresses your concerns. We have the hardware and software infrastructure appropriate for you. We have prepared our electronic content for your selection. Managing and conducting your training courses will take you to the Vesta Executive Team. We will supervise the course as well.

With this service you will:

You have access to various Vesta electronic content banks.

Raising on the experience of the Vesta Executive Team will increase the return.

Save time and money.

LMS e-Book