Conducting in-service and personnel training courses electronically and concurrently


Providing electronic training for students, staff and free training


Holding general and specialized training courses for personnel


Earned income through free e-learning courses...


Lesson Management

Create your lessons using the capabilities like viewing electronic content, forum, testing, polling, question and answer, practicing, taking part in virtual classroom, and so on ..... You can electronically train you in one Provide an interactive and user-friendly environment.

Test and Poll

Evaluate learner learning and reinforce learning in them through a test at certain times. Make your trainings effective by holding surveys and collecting opinions.
By self-testing, give learners the opportunity to evaluate their learning at any time.


Learning path

By providing a learning path, you can define the various activities at each stage of the course for the learner. Define for each stage of the lesson the conditions for completing that step and go to the next step.
The learner will perform the activities in accordance with the defined procedure and you can measure his progress.


Make learning to make learning fun and memorable. For the learner, you define goals that achieve them by rating them and earn a medal based on scores.
By learning to play, create the motivation and passion for learning activities in the learner.


Social learning

Implement social tricks using your own encyclopedia, blog, forum, and questions and answers in your tutorials.
By learning socially, learners work with each other and their teacher to collaborate and exchange views on educational issues. This process will enhance effective learning.


Define a separate access for each department (organizational unit, college, group). This department has its own graphic format, lessons and specialties.
All departments, in the form of an integrated system, can provide their training to their learners and implement their educational policies.


Advanced reports

With access to advanced reports, you can monitor all activity in the system. Such as reports on learner and teacher activities in Hedders, to monitor the learning process and guidance of the training team, departmental reports to measure the extent to which e-learning has been used, and the points obtained by learners and lecturers in that department, and Other System Reports

Messages and notifications

The learner and the teacher need to be in contact with each other and with other users in order to carry out their activities. This communication is possible through the ability to exchange messages. Through notification, you can also report events per user through the system itself, send email and text messages.


Combined training

You can use e-learning at the same time as offering face to face training. For example, after presenting in-class tutorials, refer to tutorials, exercises, tests, and learner communications to view additional electronic content. Increase training effectiveness by combining training.

Mobile version

Considering the increasing use of mobile phones, you can also use this device as a platform to provide your training. The location of your training is very close to the learner. On the mobile phone at any time and anywhere

mobile app.png

Earn money from training

You can earn money through e-learning. After discount for lessons, define coupon discount. Discount coupons through social networks, email and ... to attract learners. Get free of charge parts of your lesson for the learner, and finally get the amount you want from the learner through the ability to pay from the bank.

SCORM and TinCan API

With different tools, you can create electronic content for your lessons and upload your electronic content that complies with the SCORM and Tin Can API standards.
By supporting these two standards, we have made the process of delivering your electronic content easy.


Customization based on your need

Due to the differentiation of customer training needs, we are at your side to design and implement the customization you are looking for. This personalization can be in the field of communication with other systems or systems. Or to design and implement a new feature.
We have come to the point that each customer may have specific needs to make their education more effective.
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